Monday, April 26, 2010



Okay, die hard Republicans, you are probably not going to like this. I'm hoping some of you might agree with me, and I would like nothing better than those of you whom I consider "thinking" Republicans will decide it's time to take your party back!  Time to kidk the fringe element back to the fringes, and begin to listen to the wiser heads that exist within the party. 

My interpretation of what has happened to our country, struggling so to get anything done, is this. Once the reality of a Democratic sweep happened, some of the Republican party leaders put their heads together and came up with what they thought would be the quickest way to regain control, simply stymie every action the Democrats attempted to make, either by voting against all proposed bills, or threatening a filibuster, or putting out lies about proposed legislation, (the Death Panels, the compulsory Bail-Outs) or paying for ads promoting these lies. They have gone so far as to fund sound alike organizations, with look alike URL's that are against whatever their targeted organization is trying to help. If this sounds confusing, check out Rachel Maddow's show of April 23, for this amazing story. I'm sure you heard the outspoken remarks of wanting Obama to fail, even though he was dealing with situations whose failure could mean failure for the whole country. We were  on the brink of a financial meltdown, but causing the administration to fail was more important.

This furious attempt to never vote for any proposed legislation, if a Democrat proposed it, continued on unabated throughout the health care debate. The Supreme Court debate was both laughable and tragic, and we are seeing the same thing in the attempt to rethink our financial legislation to try to prevent what just happened. In a true working democracy, we would have the two parties, each with their different approaches, recognize a problem, recognize the role of the national government to deal with it, put their heads together and actively propose their different approaches, duke it out until they get something they both can agree to, and then legislate, which is what they are being paid to do. But to sulk in the corner saying it isn't my party, and I don't want anything they want, even if I did want it before, even if my revered heroes of past administrations wanted it, Now i will try to see no one gets it. This  is not a solution, this is not even a good plan, and I think a number of Republicans are beginning to see the light.

I think, I hope, we have turned a corner. I think we will get  legislation of financial reform, maybe more or less than what a lot of people really want or we really need, but like with health care, we will be taking steps to do something. I think we will not see silly arguments over the next Supreme Court nominee, and I think we will see some rapid action finally, on the immigration issue. The problems seem insurmountable with this issue, but the Arizona legislation is going to force the hands of everyone to co-operate, and to really try to hammer out something that will do its best, to be best for our country, our economy, and the people involved.

I want a democracy that works, that works like a good marriage works. In a marriage we have two different people, often with different needs and different ideas, sometimes even different goals, but the union, is greater, and more important than the individual parts. We can fight for what we want, we can do our darndest to try to make the other person see things from our point of view, but at the end, we have to reach some sort of compromise and move forward, if we want the marriage to work. The same is true of our country. Anybody who mentions secession, is like a person mentioning divorce. We fought that bloody battle once, we don't want it repeated, and we must recognize these people for what they are, philanderers roaming away from the UNITED states of America.

I am hoping at least some of you will approach your favorite Republican legislator, and urge him to forget the effort to make the Democrats fail, and remember, his primary job is to make America succeed. He;s there to legislate, not sit on his behind and threaten filibuster, not to sow discontent and distrust. Quit wasting everyone’s time and get to work!

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